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Half a Billion Dollars

by Ashley Brosnahan

The national buzz is on with the world record half a billion dollar mega-millions lottery jackpot.  The 42 state lottery has retailers across the country packed with the hopeful winners.  If you opted for the cash payout it would equate to about $293,000,000.00 in your bank account.  The odds of winning this record setting jackpot are 1 in 174,000,000.  But lets forget about reality and imagine if you won this huge jackpot.  What would you do with the millions.

Well you probably know my suggestion.  Give me a call and grab a piece of Bethany Beach Real Estate.  Not only would you be getting a great home in an awesome location, but you would be making a wise investment.  The Ocean Front Real estate in Bethany Beach is one of the only places that has survived the collapse of the nation's real estate market.  Let's face it there are not going to be any more ocean front lots developed on the Delaware Coast.  Bethany Beach has some of the most beautiful homes on the coast.  When you look out over the ocean you can see for miles.

Not only does the Bethany Beach real estate market have some great homes that are right in town, but it has the exclusive gated neighborhoods that comprise the prestigious North Bethany.  These Bethany Beach homes are some of the finest in the country, that not only feature awesome ocean views, but also wow you with beautiful architectural features. So if you are that lucky one with the winning ticket give me a call to see what you can now own in Bethany Beach!

Bethany Beach Treasure

by Ashley Brosnahan

Everyone who owns any Bethany Beach real estate considers it a treasure.  Whether it be an ocean front palace or a small bungalow on the Back Bays of the Indian River Bay everyone regards them as a personal treasure.  However there is a bounty of old English and Pirate treasure that lingers about in the Bethany Beach area.  It is a well know fact by locals about places like gold coin beach and the lost treasure of the Pirate Captain Billy Kidd.  So if you are not yet a property owner here in the Bethany Beach area let me tell you about the hidden treasures that our area conceals.

Just North of Bethany Beach is the Indian River inlet.  This inlet serves the Back Bays of the Bethany Beach area.  If you travel north on Rt. 1 and go over the inlet bridge you will enter the Delaware Seashore State Park and the area that locals refer to as gold coin Beach.  It has been called this for a looonggg time.  Ever since the Shipwreck of the Faithful Steward on a shoal just north of the inlet coins have been washing up here on these beaches.  The prime time to find these coins is right after a big Nor-Eastern.  If you head up there after a storm you will see quite a few treasure hunters combing the beach with their metal detectors looking for the lost treasure.
The Faithful Steward was a passenger ship that left Londonberry, Ireland bound for Philadelphia in 1785.  It carried 249 passengers as well as  a cache of millions of newly minted coins bound for the new world.  On September 1, 1785 the Faithful Steward encountered a massive storm off the Coast of Bethany Beach while headed toward the Delaware Bay.  It made it as far as about a quarter mile north of the Indian River inlet before it hit a shoal about 200 yards off the beach.  The ship was stuck and demasted.  The ferocious storm took a pounding on the ship for the next day. By the morning of September 2nd most of the passengers had tried in vain to swim ashore. The waves pounded the ship and eventually tore it to pieces on the shoal.  Only 68 of the 249 people aboard made it to the beach and survived.
The ship and it's cargo of 400 barrels of half pennies and gold rose guineas sank to the bottom in about 4 fathoms of water just 200-300 yards offshore.  Ever since then pieces of the ship, wreckage, personal effects, and these gold coins have been washing up on the Beach just north of Bethany beach.  Here are what the typical coins look like.
Another of the local legendary treasures is that of the infamous Pirate Captain Billy Kidd.  In 1695 King William III of England commissioned Captain Kidd to head to the New world and protect the Kings fleet from the ever growing threat of Pirates.  Kidd worked for the King for a couple of years, but after a while found it more profitable to switch to piracy rather than privateering for the Crown.  As a savvy seaman Kidd was very good at piracy.  Kidd had taken to the Mid-Atlantic coast and frequently raided ships bound for Philadelphia.  This area was not well known for Piracy and offered him quick getaway to shelter ports South of Lewes with the shallow bays of the Indian River,Rehoboth, and Sinepauxant bays.  The Bethany Beach area was his stomping grounds, and the Port of Lewes was an area that he frequented.

It is believed that in early 1699 Kidd sailed into the Indian River Bay with a hold full of gold, uncut diamonds, jewels and precious stones.  The ship was so overloaded with bounty that had ordered a longboat ahead of the ship to take continuous soundings to make sure that the ship would not run aground.  When they got up into the Indian River bay the crew member signaled to the ship that the water was getting shallow.  They dropped anchor and began loading the longboats with treasure.  Supposedly they paddled the booty up tot the south shore of the Indian River Bay and marched inland to the site of a large oak tree.  There they buried the treasure to be hidden and picked up at a later date.

Kidd left the Bethany Beach area and headed north to capture more booty from the English.  However his Piracy days were soon to be over. On July 6th 1699 Kidd was arrested in Boston and was convicted of one count of murder and 5 counts of Piracy.  On May 23, 1701 Kidd was hanged  at Execution Dock at Wapping London.  He was never able to return to collect his loot that he buried somewhere along the shores of the Indian River Bay just West of Bethany Beach.  It is also believed that none of his crew that knew the location of the loot ever returned to collect the bounty.  It is believed to still be buried somewhere along the South Shore of the Indian river bay anywhere from what is now modern day Ocean View all the way to Millsboro.
Bethany Beach is full of surprises and it may be just under the ground that you find some buried treasure!

The Rocket's Red Glare

by Ashley Brosnahan

There are two things that really don't seem to go together when you think of Bethany Beach.  They are the Boardwalk and NASA.  However another secret of the Delmarva Beach area is Wallops island.  Wallops island is a 6 square mile island off the coast of Virginia.  It is home to NASA's Wallops island flight facility and the Mid-Atlantic Spaceport.  Wallops tends to shoot off a lot of rockets throughout the year.  Wallops is just about 45 miles south west of Bethany Beach as the crow flies.  Being this close to the Spaceport makes the boardwalk a prime viewing location for the launches.

Tonight is going to be an exceptional night at Wallops.  They are planning on shooting off 5 rockets one after another.  The plan is to have the rockets shoot up to outer space and release a chemical that will be visible from viewing locations stationed in New Jersey to North Carolina.  Since Bethany Beach is right in the middle it should be a prime location to view the rockets.   They are going to be shot into the atmosphere sometime between midnight and five a.m. tonight.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate as NASA has had to scrap the mission a few times already due to the fog that has been lingering around.

The countdown to launch begins at 7:00 this evening.  So if you are not doing anything tonight between midnight and 5 a.m. tonight go on up to the Bethany Beach Boardwalk and look out to the South East.  The rockets should be very visible as they are going to be releasing chemicals to make them more visible.  Be sure to check the NASA website for updated information because if the fog rolls in, as it typically does in the spring, they will postpone the launch.

Shhhhh It's a Secret!

by Ashley Brosnahan

If you have been to Bethany Beach then you know the Secret.  Well it is probably not going to be a secret much longer. Travel and Leisure magazine just voted Bethany Beach as #7 of 17 Best Secret Beaches IN THE WORLD!  Wow is that a compliment to our sleepy little beach town or what?  If you haven't already experienced the Secret you need to get here and see all the great stuff that Bethany Beach has to offer.

Some of the things noted by Travel and Leisure are the beachfront bandstand, the quaint shops, and the welcoming totem pole.  Not only was Bethany Beach noted as one of the Best Secret Beaches IN THE WORLD, but it was the only Beach on the entire East Coast that was mentioned.  If the location alone was not enough to convince you that you need to live here then this should bolster your decision to grab your piece of the Secret.  The Bethany Beach real estate market is alive and well. If you are considering living, retiring or just vacationing here at one of the Best Secret Beaches in the world check out all the great properties that are available.  Your Bethany Beach home is waiting for you!

Is it strange or what?

by Ashley Brosnahan

Is it strange or what?  Yesterday we had snow flying around Bethany Beach , tomorrow it is supposed to reach 65, and Thursday almost 70.  Well such is the weather here at the Beach in the spring.

This weekend is the dreaded changing of the clocks.  Why in the world do we have to do this every year?  In this day and age I don't see the point in changing time.  I mean really does it make a difference?  The sun still comes up and goes down and it really doesn't care what time you call it.  I mean on Sunday March 11th the "official" time for the sunrise will be 7:17 a.m. est and the sunset will be 7:04 p.m. est. The Sun doesn't know that we will be on a time schedule that is an hour later than the day before,  it just knows that it will shine over all the Bethany Beach homes for 11 hours and 47 mins.

If you are planning on being in Bethany Beach for any of the 23 hours and 34 mins of daylight this weekend and are looking for a vacation get away home give me a call.  I'd love to schedule some time to show you what the  Bethany Beach real estate market has to offer.  Your Bethany Beach home is waiting and I can help you find it!

Well it's the weekend again and the weather

by Ashley Brosnahan

Well it's the weekend again and the weather here in Bethany Beach is looking stormy.  It's supposed to be fairly warm, but with scattered thunderstorms.  I still can't believe that it is March already.  Summer is just around the corner and if you are thinking of investing in the Bethany Beach real estate market now is the time to get your search on.  If you find your home of your dreams you can be in by the time the ocean warms up.

If you are in town this weekend don't miss out on picking up a coastal point newspaper.  They have a feature on the Ash Wednesday storm of '62.  The storm of '62 was a huge Noreaster that ripped up the Delaware Coast and destroyed a lot of Bethany Beach Homes.  It was a devastating storm that left a path of destruction not seen in over 50 years.

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