Well Summer is just around the corner and Bethany Beach is coming alive.  This past weekend was a beautiful Mother's Day Weekend here in Bethany Beach.  The sun was shining and it was warm! Finally summer is near.  It was a beautiful day on the Beach and Bethany was packed with people enjoying the warm weather.  The beach was full and all the shops along Garfield Parkway were open and busy.  So far it looks like the season at the beach is shaping up to be a great one.

I know it felt like summer in the air but the ocean is still somewhat cold.  While some brave souls were jumping in the ocean the water temperatures are still in the high 50's to low 60's.  It is important to remember that while the air  temperatures are in the 70's- 80's you can still easily get hypothermia in water temperatures that low.  I know it may be tempting to hop in the ocean to cool down, but remember that with the water temps that chilly it can be dangerous.  Watch your children carefully even if they are just playing close to shore in the surf.  There are no lifeguards this time of the year and you can easily be lulled into a sense of safety with the beautiful beaches here in Bethany.  Hypothermia  is a silent killer.  Mild Hypothermia has very vague symptoms that include mental confusion, shivering, and discoloration of the lips.  Moderate Hypothermia symptoms become more pronounced.  Shivering becomes violent, and muscle mis-coordination becomes more apparent. The person may still be alert, but movements are slow and labored. The person becomes pale as blood is redirected from extremities.  The lips, fingers, ears, and toes may become blue. Severe Hypothermia occurs as the body begins to shut down and all blood flow is restricted to the body core.  A person usually has little or no use of their hands, their speech is incoherent and amnesia sets in.  The shivering stops and a person usually exhibits irrational behavior.  They usually have no control of their legs or arms either.  So keep your eyes out and make sure your time at the Beach is enjoyable, but be aware that it can still be a dangerous place.