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December 17, 2015 | Neil Brosnahan
So it’s a Wednesday in the middle of December and you are sitting at your desk daydreaming about the beach and it occurs to you “What do people who live at the beach do in the winter?”  Do the beach towns roll up the boardwalk and barricade the dune crossovers? Is the beach even open in the winter?  Are there places to go out to eat in the winter?  Should drop a hint to my husband that I would like to check out the beach in the winter?  So many questions hit your mind.   As a lifelong resident of the Delaware Beach I can tell you I live here and love it!  As a majority of the population usually spends a few weeks vacationing at the beach most don’t have a clue of what it’s actually like to live here in a resort town.   So let me give you a little insight as to what full time life is like here.
  1. I can take a stroll on the beach anytime I want.  Say you’re having one of those days.  You know the one where everything is going haywire in your life.  Let me tell you that you can take 15 mins out of your day and walk up to the oceans edge and everything seems to pull back into place.  I don’t know what it is whether it be the smell of the briny air, the look of the ocean either fierce or calm, the sand, the dunes it just changes your whole attitude.  The best thing is that the Beach is always open.  There are no gates or attendants telling you sorry we are closed!  Just drive up park the car and revive your state of mind.
  2. The restaurants are open in the winter. Your favorite Bistro, the little pizza shop, the sushi place, the coffee shop on the boards are all open.  In fact winter time is a great time to visit the beach and hit up all your favorite haunts.  Summertime every place is flooded with people and 2 hour waits are the norm.  Wintertime not so much!  You can actually walk right in to most places and get seated right away.  The wait staff is eager to give excellent service.  Almost every restaurant runs some sort of special during the week so prices are affordable.  I rarely go into the town of Bethany Beach during the peak months, but during the winter time I will visit all of the great restaurants in town.
  3. The stores are open.  There are few seasonal stores any more.  The days are gone when the merchants boarded up for the winter.  You can still go by Bethany Surf Shop and grab a bar of wax, swing by the toy store on the boards and get the kiddos something, pop in the book store and grab the latest and greatest novel or stop by the bike shop to get the cruiser tuned up for summer time.  If you really are in a shopping frenzy then cruise on up to Rehoboth Beach and hit the outlets for all the famous brand clothes and accessories. 
  4. Entertainment is plentiful.  While most restaurants are competing for business they tend to get some really great entertainers.  Just the other night I had dinner at Mio Frattellos and was able to sit back and enjoy the great crooning of Brian Clark.  There are nights in some restaurants that feature music, comedy, drama etc.  The Dickens Parlour Theater is open year round and features nationally acclaimed magicians.  There are a couple of theater troupes in the area that produce some really fine plays.  There is an abundance of music and film festivals here throughout the year.  If you are bored in the evenings there is always some sort of entertainment that will keep you amused.
  5. The outdoors are calling.  Whether it be a bike ride on the boards or a nature hike through the fresh pond trails there is always something to get you out and about.  If keeping fit is your lifestyle an early morning jog on the beach is a stimulating workout.  There are numerous state parks tucked away around the county that offer hiking and biking trails as well as picnic pavilions and gathering areas.  If you are a bird watcher the Atlantic flyway is right overhead.  The Beach is just a place that lends itself to outdoor living. 
  6. Fishing is incredible year round.  I’ve always enjoyed being on the water.  I actually can’t imagine living anywhere else.  It’s one of those things that most don’t understand until they move to the beach.  In the spring and summer months you can hop on the boat and catch some flounder and blues.  If you’re more adventurous you can charter a deep see fishing boat and go chase marlins and tunas.  The fall and winter are great times to slide out in the afternoon and go looking for some strippers.  There’s nothing like pulling up to a massive pod of bunker being attacked at all angles by strippers, and whales from below and the gannets from above.  Our area is truly a sportsman’s paradise.
  7. The Golf courses are open.  If you’re a golfing freak there are more than enough courses in the area to keep you occupied.  Luckily the weather here in the mid-Atlantic region is mild enough that the golf courses stay open year round.  There are courses here that fit every and all styles of play.  If you are up for a quick nine or want to do a marathon 72 hole weekend there is something that will keep you engaged in the game.  In the winter time remember to dress warmly as a lot of the courses feature open water holes on the bays and can get pretty nippy with a brisk North Westerly wind.
  8. Coastal storms are awesome! While the weather channel and the major media outlets forecast doom, gloom and destruction there is nothing like witnessing a coastal storm in person.  It is something you have to see in person.  When you top the dune during a fierce Northeasterly blow the true power of Mother Nature smacks you in the face.  It is exhilarating to see the ocean churned up into a boiling cauldron.  You can stand at the crest of the dune and actually lean into the wind and it will keep you standing up.  Just looking out to sea I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a merchant marine who is ferrying goods on the ocean during one of these events.  After the storms it is literally a treasure hunt walking down the beach.  Whether you are discovering fully intact conch shells or pieces of gold coins from old shipwrecks it is always a pleasure to stroll down the beach as the ocean subsides to its idyllic state. 
  9. It is a slower pace of life.  One of the hardest things that people who move here have is getting used to the pace of life at the Beach.  Nobody is in a rush to do anything. You just have to get used to it because you aren’t going to change the habits of the locals.  When the fish are biting or it’s some sort of hunting season you might as well figure on a job to take twice as long as someone tells you.  It is an adjustment but you will earn to plan accordingly.
  10. Once you move to the Beach you won’t ever want to leave the coast again.  There is something about living here that connects you to the water.  I don’t know exactly what it is but I just can’t ever imagine living anyplace that is more than a hop skip and jump from the water.  I know friends who were drawn away in a career path that took them to the concrete jungle only to return to the coast.  There must be something in the air that makes you want to never leave.   If you could bottle up the fresh salty air and sell it you would be a billionaire! 
I could go on and on about life here at the beach.  This is really just a small insight to what it’s like to live where most people vacation.  It truly is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  I enjoy living here so much and love to share my experiences.  If you have any questions about life here give me a call.  I would love to chat with you about it.  When you’re ready to make the plunge and move to the beach I will be here to assist you in any way possible.  Have a fabulous day!


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